Kayleigh O’Neill

Councillor for Forth Ward

Kayleigh O'Neill

Kayleigh O’Neill was elected the Green councillor for Forth ward in the 2022 Council Elections.

Originally from North Lanarkshire, Kayleigh moved to Edinburgh for university and has since worked for Euan’s Guide and Inclusion Scotland. She now works for Lorna Slater, MSP in the Scottish Parliament. In 2021, Kayleigh was elected the Welfare & Conduct Officer for the SGP Women’s Network.

As a caseworker, Kayleigh works and communicates with Edinburgh council daily and helps constituents across the Lothians. She has helped people on housing waiting lists, solved waste issues, advocated for better healthcare provision and raises the voices of those who can’t or perhaps don’t know how.

She is a full-time wheelchair user and advocates for better accessibility for disabled people in all realms of life. Within Forth ward Kayleigh believes there should be better access to warm, safe and affordable homes. She supports 20-minute neighbourhoods and wants people to have access to everything they need in walking, cycling and wheeling distance. Through better active travel this can help people and the planet.

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